3 Limits of Telemarketing

Telemarketing (or telemarketing), or how to get in touch, quickly and inexpensively, with your prospects. What a fabulous technique and that seemed to us all full of future!

The reality is different: the call centers, after having progressed insolently by 20% per year, made 15% and 2007 and 2008, then 10% in 2011. In 2012, the first layoffs began …

Today we do not like being prospected by phone. At home or at the office. Because, beyond crises, it is our deep perception of telemarketing has changed.

Bad image of telemarketing:

Nuisance, disturbance, intrusion … 87% of individuals wish to register on a red list, to no longer be disturbed. We can imagine that professionals think the same thing. The first limit of telemarketing is not knowing how to manage your own pollution. Clearly, too many call centers kill call centers.

Maturity of the project:

If you call prospects to offer them your help services in the event of a tax audit, you really have to come at the right time! In general, a potential customer, between the birth of his need and the conclusion of the sale, will go through different stages of maturity of his project. It is up to telemarketing to fall by the wayside when the project is mature enough for the prospect to look for suppliers.

Telemarketing and added value:

How to get an appointment with a SME boss to sell strategy advice? Or from the Plant Manager for machine tools? As soon as an offer becomes a little “technical”, one enters an unknown universe of the teleoperator. However, the interlocutor needs to check the credibility of its potential supplier: strong limit that prohibits access to telemarketing of the majority of companies in France.

This is why most call centers turn to incoming calls: it is the customer who calls (advice, service, fidelity, etc …). At Teleperformance, more than 100,000 employees now represent 70% of the business.