7 advantages of B2B phone prospection

The BtoB telephone prospecting is the quickest and most direct way to fuel sales teams Leads. A true tool for the commercial function, the advantages of BtoB phone prospection make it a preferred commercial solution for sales development. Selling technical solutions or capital goods for the industry by phone, making appointments with decision makers, qualifying a prospect file, making offers feedback or organizing the management of your digital leads are all opportunities. offered by BtoB telephone prospecting. Discover the 7 greatest advantages of BtoB phone prospecting .

Speed ​​up your sales with B2B phone prospection:

The reason for being BtoB phoning is to speed up your sales. A prospect who welcomes you, spends time and asks to receive a commercial offer after a prospecting campaign is clearly positioned as a buyer with a project identified in time. Phone prospecting quickly generates qualified and transformable sales leads. It is the most direct commercial channel with your prospects. Today 92% of interactions with a prospect are done over the phone. Quickly identifying the decision-makers and detecting projects can accelerate your sales in the short term and predict your business in the long term. No more saw-tooth activity with the telephone Nurturing.

Reduce your costs with BtoB phoning:

Prospecting can be a cost if it is poorly organized. The costs are most often related to the sales of sales representatives. Multiply your sales force with sedentary salespeople who continuously prospect. They have only one objective and one priority to manage: to supply your sales representatives with qualified projects or appointments to increase your sales.

Increase your results through phone prospecting. The sedentary sales associates represent your business on the phone and work in support of existing sales forces. Phone prospecting makes it possible to access a large number of prospects and quickly identify projects. During phone calls it is possible to identify people, project, timing and budget ( Lead BANT ). Field sales force appreciate the many qualified appointments and like to focus on closing and customer relations.

BtoB telephone prospecting is therefore an economical and coherent means with a result-oriented customer acquisition strategy. It increases your sales and ensures consistent and profitable field trips.

B2B phone prospection is measurable:

In any commercial action, it is essential to measure activity continuously. Identifying and measuring metrics can calculate the ROI of your outsourced sales force.

The number of calls per hour, the number of contacts identified, the percentage of potential customers, interest rates, success … the metrics to verify the impact of a telephone prospecting campaign are numerous, benefit from an accompaniment to calibrate them!

These indicators often turn into goals for the sedentary sales forces that are organized to reach them. Lead management and tracking tools make it possible to have a certain number of deliverables accessible in real time thanks to the web report. This implies a more accurate management of telephone prospecting and a statistic that serves the growth of the turnover. Customized management, traceability and transparency are strong commitments that allow the realization of your sales. Evolve your ROI, thanks to the commercial performance and profitability of the detected business.

Enhance your leads with B2B phone prospection:

Prospects, especially in BtoB, are sometimes flooded with impromptu visits. In the opposite extreme, they may also never be approached by you. By opting for a telephone prospection to get an appointment or to offer your expertise, you have a unique opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. Outsourcing your phone prospection is to remind your prospects when they are available, develop your brand image by professionalism, demonstrate your expertise by a targeted argument (business / function / needs …). Telemarketing not only allows you to increase your notoriety with your prospects, but also you value them by demonstrating your expertise at all stages of the commercial relationship (prospecting, project monitoring, sales, service …).

Opt for an expert customer contact center in your business and able to speak on your behalf to your customers.

Prepare future sales with B2B phoning:

Anticipate the needs of your leads, your active or inactive customers. Prepare your future sales through a BtoB telephone prospecting action to identify short-term, medium-term or long-term projects. Opt for an outsourced prospecting in nurturing and detect a maximum of projects upstream.

Pre-motivate the meeting with your prospects in advance via a btob phoning campaign. Do not go out of the blue again. You will prove your sense of organization and your professionalism. Given the competition in our business sectors, we must make a point of gathering as much information as possible in order to prepare the sale and / or the meeting that will be organized. So many elements that will position you, at the time of the meeting, as a true professional.

Adapt the B2B phone prospection to your needs:

You are unique. Your products and services are too. Your needs are not necessarily the standards of the market or those of your competitors. Take advantage of several solutions that meet your business imperatives. Each action is unique and has a specific purpose. In order for an outsourced commercial action to be effective, it is necessary to work over time and in particular to adapt the prospecting times to your market and particularly in terms of seasonality. For example you can adapt the prospecting period when your targets build their annual budget, organize their stock for the next season, are preparing to participate in an important trade show in the profession … But you can also set up marketing campaigns. telemarketing in the form of telemarketing punch actions.

The formula of  telephone nurturing over the months, allows to transform a warm prospect into a hot prospect in the long term! Adapt your commercial actions and increase the number of signed deals.

Qualify better and enrich your knowledge of prospects with BtoB phone prospection:

Each prospecting campaign is oriented to accomplish a goal that you set (making appointments, sales, notoriety …). It is nevertheless possible to find out about the company and its projects during the conversation with the contact person. It would be unrealistic to think that all the calls you make will result in an appointment or a sale. However, even when the immediate purpose of a call is not reached, every call will allow you to gather information about prospects (current or future needs, a competitor’s customer, non-owned equipment, etc.) and identify potential potential customers for the next few weeks. With BtoB phoning, nothing is lost! This becomes an excellent complement to the digital marketing activities that you initiate for generate BtoB leads on the internet .