Clash Of Clans Game Tips

Attack as soon as you can. Attacking is always a good tactic. There is no inconvenience and you will be able to obtain objects and trophies. You may want to consider losing some trophies for easier defense resources. You will not earn much for each attack, but it’s easier and you do not spend so much on your army. It is easier to steal resources than to undermine them. And besides, it’s more fun!

You can see how much gold each enemy base you intend to attack has. If she does not have one, it’s useless to attack. If she has a very large amount of gold, she may be too well defended for you to attack her. If it has a large amount and you can take that gold, do it. Take the least risk possible.

Attack the treasures. Have your troops attack the gold and elixir tanks first.

After a successful attack, you will bring back more gold and elixir that you can then spend.

If you lose an attack, there is no shame in removing your troops from your base. You can still train more troops and attack later. You have to know how to retire.

When you attack a gold reserve, the gold will go directly into your bank account. Even if your troops are killed during the attack, the gold will stay in your account.

You’ll get even more treasure and bonuses if you completely destroy your opponent’s base and town hall.

After attacking, be sure to train more troops to replace the ones you lost in battle. To train troops, go to the barracks and you will see the training menu. The best to train at first are the Barbarians (for 25 elixirs each) and the Giants (for 500 elixirs each).

Finally build a laboratory. The lab allows you to upgrade your troops so they have more offensive power and resist more damage. You can also get more advanced types of troops like Archers, Wizards and Goblins.

By starting to win trophies, you will evolve in the Leagues. Each league allows you to win additional gold and elixir bonuses by winning matches. The higher the league level, the higher the bonus. Upper level leagues also offer a black elixir bonus.

Join a clan:

You must rebuild your clan castle in order to join a clan. A few days after the start of the game, find your clan castle and rebuild it.

Once you have rebuilt your clan castle, find a clan to join. Take your time to choose the right clan. You probably want to be in a clan whose members are online at the same time as you.

The clan members do not attack each other. They can also share troops and resources.

By being in a clan, you will be able to define new strategies of defense and attack.

If you are in a clan, you can also chat with other members of your clan and get to know them. You can also have fun attacking and defending with players who have the same level as you in the game.

Participate in clan wars. Clans can compete with each other in clan wars. The rewards are very interesting!

If you do not like the clan in which you are, change. You may find yourself in a clan where people are much older or younger than you or who speak a different language. In any case, there is no shame in changing clans.

Once in a clan, you can be promoted to Aine . This gives you the opportunity to expel a player from the clan.

Members with high levels are likely to give and share high level troops.

If membership in a clan does not interest you, but you want to chat with the players, there is always the global chat. The global chat is a discussion platform open to all online players.

You can be banned from the global chat if you use offensive language